ROGER W. RUGGLES, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, was a member of the faculty for 36 years.

He holds three degrees from Clarkson University: a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering in 1980, a Master of Science in civil engineering in 1982, and a Doctor of Philosophy in engineering science in 1986.

Ruggles joined the faculty as instructor in 1985, was appointed assistant professor in 1986, and was promoted to associate professor in 1991.

He taught a broad range of courses within the civil engineering program and the Division of Engineering. In his teaching he shared experience gained as a licensed professional engineer, nationally recognized expert witness for flooding litigation, and consultant on stormwater management who authored more than 50 engineering reports and conducted over 100 studies.

An early adopter of GIS software and technology, he involved many students in GIS projects that benefited local municipalities. He led teams of students and faculty to Uganda to conduct NSF-funded research on wetlands for a few summers in the early 2000s.

Ruggles served as head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering on several occasions, leading efforts to restructure the curriculum and address major changes required by ABET in the late 1990s. He conducted a survey of civil engineering alumni on the skills and attributes they found most important to their work as engineers. The results helped the department move forward with a new vision for the curriculum at the start of the 21st century.

Ruggles served on several committees, including the Faculty Academic Policy Committee, Faculty Committee on Diversity (which he chaired), Teaching and Learning Committee, and Board of Trustees Committee on Grounds and Buildings. He also was a member of appointed committees and several search committees.

He was a faculty mentor to the football team and board member of the Maroon Club. He is a member of Easton City Council and chaired its Public Works Committee.